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Club and Society Information

Each Club and Society that belongs to the Gloucestershire Federation of Gardening Societies has been allocated an area on this web site. There is no compulsion to use it but it may bring in new members, more competitors for your shows or attract existing and lapsed members to attend your meetings.

If you have another web site, we can send visitors directly to that site if you tell us its name (the www bit or URL as it is called technically). However, there is nothing to stop you using both this page and another site if you want to.

You don't need to know about the web to use this facility. Simply send us the data and we will format it. On the other hand, if you have someone who is a dab hand at creating web pages then we are happy to accept ready made pages. There is no formal limit on the number of pages that each member club/society can have. The only real restriction is that we cannot support server side scripting. Client side (Javascript, VBScript etc.) is fine. (If that means nothing to you then don't worry. Send us your information and we will sort it out). If you are sending in ready made pages, please tell us what program (e.g. FrontPage, HoTMetaL or DreamWeaver) was used to create them.

What you put on your pages is up to you but the sort of information that we envisage is:

  • name of club/society (including any unofficial names if you want).
  • where and when the club meets. Please include a postcode so we can link a map to it. This will help to guide visitors to your meetings.
  • who to contact for general information.
  • who to contact for specific items such as contests.
  • what the club (or society) does and why others should be interested in it. You can be quite descriptive but we suggest limiting this section to about 500 words.
  • Your programme of events including club meetings, contests, flower shows etc. You can include the names of speakers. Please help potential members by telling them whether they can just turn up, whether they need to tell somebody that they are coming or whether they need to buy tickets.
  • Unless it is a page of photographs, in which case there is no limit to the number of pictures per page, we recommend that you include up to 3 photographs on each page. We normally trim or resize them to about 300 by 450 pixels. In addition, you must have permission to put them on the web site. This probably means that they were taken by one of your club members, one of their family or a friend of the club but they can not be copied out of a magazine or taken from another web site.

In addition to the information on "your" pages, we will feature any news items in our front (home) page so please send us your information.

For short messages, you can use the form below:

Name of Club or Society:
Name and contact details of person supplying this information:

Please note that although we welcome information that is supplied through this form, if it requires a significant change to your club's details, we will need to confirm it so please leave some contact details (eg a phone number).
Many thanks

The Gloucestershire Federation of Gardening Societies reserves the right to refuse to put information onto our site. We have to do this as we may be held legally liable for it as if we had published it in our newsletter. However, please don't let that stop you from being creative and really making the most of your web pages. If you want to know if it's allowed then, if it's gardening related, it almost certainly is.


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